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How To Read Your Fingernails – Problems from Clubbed Fingers

How To Read Your Fingernails – To Determine Your Health

You’ve heard of reading palms and reading tarot cards… but reading fingernails…?

This may sound like a really weird gypsy sideshow at a carnival, but reading your fingernails is a scientifically proven way to detect certain illnesses that may be brewing in your body.

And if you can develop your eye and spot the signs, you could save yourself a whole lot of trouble.

You see, a variety of diseases produce tell-tale changes in the nails. In the most extreme cases these can include heart disease, respiratory problems including lung cancer and liver damage.

Doctors should check your nails as part of a physical examination but in reality few of them do so. So we’ve compiled a quick check-list to help you keep an eye out for abnormalities yourself…

  • Clubbing fingernails

This is where the nail and skin around the nail bed becomes rounded and bulbous. This can indicate respiratory How to read your fingernails - Clubbed Fingernailsproblems such as lung cancer and emphysema, or heart disease.

Try this self-test: place your index fingers together so that the surface of each nail is pressed against the surface of the other nail and the first joint of each finger are touching. When viewed from the side, normal nails leave a small diamond shaped gap at the nail base. Clubbed Fingers leave little or no gap at all.

  • Spoon-shaped fingerails

A healthy nail has a convex shape to it, curving over the nail bed. If the nail dips in the otherHow to Read Your Fingernails - Spoon Fingernail direction, concave, then it is possible that there is an iron deficiency or anaemia. Nails that are very pale can also indicate anaemia.

  • Oncholysis colored fingernails

How to Read Your Fingernails - Oncholysis colored fingernailIn this condition, the nail separates from the underlying nail bed and can be evidence of an over or under active thyroid.


  • Red cuticles around fingernails

How to Read Your Fingernails - Red cuticles around fingernailsBright red colouration of the skin around the cuticles (a.k.a Red Cuticles) can be evidence of lupus or other connective tissue disease. Red Fingernails, on the other hand, can be another sign of heart disease.


  • White spots on fingernails

How to Read Your Fingernails - white spots on fingernailsWhite spots on the nails often reveal zinc or vitamin A deficiency. Whiteness all over the nails, however, can be a sign of cirrhosis of the liver.


  • Dark splinters on fingernails

How to Read Your Fingernails - dark splinters on fingernailsThe appearance of dark flecks in the nails that look like splinters can be a sign of endocarditis – an infection of the heart valves.



  • Yellowing fingernails

How to Read Your Fingernails - yellowing fingernailsYellow nails that occur in conjunction with swelling of the face and legs can be evidence of chronic sinusitis or persistent lung disease.


  • Horizontal or vertical ridges around fingernails

How to Read Your Fingernails - horizontal or vertical ridges on fingernailsAfter injury or infection, nails can develop horizontal ridges. Vertical ridges are most often related to old age, possible due to the mal-absorption of vitamins A, B complex and C, calcium, magnesium, zinc and essential fatty acids.

What else can your reading your fingernails tell you?

Modern palmists believe that as well as the length and course of lines on the hand, knuckles and nails can also be an additional source of information for hand reading.

By studying the fingernails, palmists and chiromancers predict health and future events in a person’s life.

According to them, different fingernail types can give us an indication of personality or even determine your fate!

Use this guide to see what your future holds (and, more importantly, judge how people you meet are likely to behave).

  • People with short fingernails… lack patience, are obstinate and can be narrow-minded. On the flip side they can be exciting to be around too!


  • People with large fingernails… equal in length and width… are serious by nature. They plan their work perfectly and achieve success in any field.


  • People with fingernails wider than their length are analytical as well as highly successful in literature, music and academically. Unfortunately, they also enjoy arguing with others…


  • People with long, thin fingernails… are cheats to the core. They are liars and gamblers and are always dogged by poverty.


  • People with round fingernails… are kind, frank and well mannered. They are diligent and prudent people who are self-reliant.

The discolouration and marks on the fingernails we analysed from a medical stand point above are also interpreted entirely differently by pal readers…

  • Index finger fingernail

A white crescent on the nail of the index finger indicates progress and profit. If there is a black spot on this nail it indicates a sudden loss of wealth and possible a business loss. If the opposite occurs and a white spot appears then the person will have a financial windfall and command increased respect.

  • Middle finger fingernail

A white spot and crescent on the nail of the middle finger means that the person is going to travel, as well as become prosperous. If there is a black spot somebody close to the person will help you in times of trouble.

  • Ring finger fingernail

If there is a white spot on this finger then the person may take an interest in religious activities or study. If there is a black spot the person may suffer harmful allegations.

The Bottom Line:   Learning how to read your fingernails could help you spot early health warning signs like Clubbed Fingernails… it could even help you spot how people are likely to behave towards you! So keep this guide to hand.

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You’ve heard of reading palms and reading tarot cards… but reading fingernails? This may sound like a really weird gypsy sideshow at a carnival, but reading your fingernails is a scientifically proven way to detect certain 


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