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How To Run A Home Based Business the right way!!

How To Run A Home Based Business For Yourself

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home based business

Here’s how you can avoid the pitfalls of a home-run business to help your new venture really take-off

So, you’ve come up with a great business idea, you’ve got enough backing to get started, you’ve bought PC, printer and executive leather swivel chair and you’re ready to make your first million from home….

But beware. Working from home holds many hidden perils and pitfalls that you might never have considered – and they’re all waiting to slow you down and make you fall.

  • Be prepared for hard work!  There, I’ve said it. Cruel I know, just when you were thinking it was all long lunches and entertaining clients. We only tend to think about the perks of being a boss, not the hared work that comes with the position. In reality, your boss probably works 12-hour days, takes work home, and has to run through the monthly accounts rather than play golf. And that’s the level of commitment you’ll need to get a home business off the ground. You can play golf all day long when you’ve made your first million!
  • Bossing your self is harder than you think!   Being your own boss is a dream position to be in, but there’s a real risk of letting things slip, because the stereotype can lead you astray. So, you’ll get up, see it’s a sunny day, and say to your cat ‘Take all my calls and move my appointments, I’m off down the pub.’ The bad thing about this is, there’ll be no one around to stop you. So think about your working habits now. Do you need a boss to constantly badger you to finish a job, or do you happily work until a job is done without any pressure? If you fall into the first category, you’ll have to change your ways. Try joining a business management course at your local college, and make sure the course includes time-management. Buying a book on the subject won’t be as effective.
  • Time shrinkage….   At home everything takes so much longer to get done than you would think, because there are so many distractions that you’re just not used to. Even the fact that there aren’t phones ringing every couple of minutes is weird, and the silence can be distracting. And if any family members are at home too, you can easily slip into a domestic routine during ‘office hours’ because that’s what you’re used to when you’re at home. So when you’re scheduling your tasks, be realistic. What took an hour in the office could take one and a half hours at home, until you get used to your new routine.
  • Money is only the second most important motivation!   Working for yourself can be a great thrill at first, but as the weeks and months pass, that feeling could fade if you’re only doing it for the money.  Even if it’s working, and you’re making decent cash, you soon get used to your new level of income, so that alone is not the best of motivations. Remember, you’re going to have to work long hours to get your business off the ground, may be for a pittance in the first few weeks. So to see you through those thankless first steps, you need to be working on something you LOVE! You need to enjoy the work to stand the best chance of success – because then it’s easier to keep going when things get frustrating.
  • Don’t skimp on the essentials – buy a good quality computer, printer, scanner and fax machine. Even if you’re running your home business out of a shed shared with the dog, you must make sure any correspondence with clients and/or suppliers is band on time and well presented. Also invest in a separate business line for all calls – the worst thing in the world is creating a glossy, professional impression then having your kid pick up the phone and burping in a client’s ear.
  • Create the illusion of success – when you work for an established company at big offices it’s easy to show people how successful (and therefore trustworthy you are and what a great service you provide), but it’s a bit harder when you work form home. So create an illusion of good-standing and impeccable credentials by investing in good quality stationery and getting professional to design the letterhead.

The bottom line: How To Run A Home Based Business is a thrilling endeavour that’s satisfying and (with alot of hard work) profitable. But there are probably things you take for granted at an established office that could let you down when you shift to a home business. Follow the above guide, and make sure you give your home business the best possible chance of success!


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