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Eat Yourself Young with Anti Aging foods

Eat Yourself  Young by eating Anti Aging Foods

Iron out those wrinkles with a trip to the supermarket

If all the CEOs of the major beauty companies know we were writing this, they’d probably loading up their shotguns and headed for our offices right now…

Because if everyone read the following “stay-young” plan we’re about to reveal, they would lose millions of pounds.

Luckily for them (and for us I guess!) most people will continue to buy their fancy, expensive creams, because most people don’t know there are cheap, natural alternatives that are just as powerful and effective at beating ageing.

In fact, not only will a few simple changes to your weekly food shop prevent new wrinkles forming – they can even minimise the wrinkles you already have!

(Note: we don’t say “get rid of”. That’s impossible, and any product that claims it can eradicate wrinkles needs to be thrown in the bin or thrown at the smiling sales assistant).

So, if you want to wipe 10 years off your looks, add these Anti Aging Ingredients to your shopping list and start to eat yourself young:


    • Chicken and eggs. Who cares what came first…? Both of these foods are packed with essential skin-repairing protein. And so is Anti aging Foods - Chicken and Eggs - gardenpork,beef and fish. And boy does your skin need repairing! I’m not saying that to be offensive – EVERYONE’S skin is under constant attack from pollution, too much sun, and bad food. This constant bombardment causes low-grade cellular inflammation, which destroys collagen – a tissue that makes your skin elastic.

Protein quickly gets to work on repairing our collagen cells, which directly improves our skin tone. And animal protein does the best job. It is more easily absorbed than plant protein. If you are vegetarian, you should take a protein supplement to boost your levels.


    • Fish capsules. Now, you’re hardly going to see a grinning beautician in a department store asking you to try a new product called Trout!

Eat yourself young - Eating fish not fish oil

  • But that’s EXACTLY what they should be selling, because fish is packed with essential fatty acids (EFAs) that block inflammation.

If you can’t get fresh fish into your diet regularly (and three times a week should be your goal) then take fish oil three capsules times a day. If the idea of fish revolts you – even in capsule form – take flaxseed oil instead. After fish, it’s the best source of EFAs.


  • Eat your (dark) greens! Spinach, rocket and broccoli all contain strong levels of EFAs, carotenoids and other antioxidants that prevent inflammation. So for once listen to the health nags, and eat your greens twice a day.


  • Spanish olive oil is rich in polyphenols, another antioxidant (and you really can’t get enough of them) that soothers inflammation. It also contains something called oleic acid, which helps EFAs in other foods get into your cells more easily. Take two tablespoons daily (either straight or drizzled over those dark greens!)


  • Check the G-index. The Glycemic Index measures the effect food has on blood- sugar levels on a scale of 1-100. If a food causes your blood-sugar levels to surge, your skin will be come inflamed. So cutting down on high GI foods will cut down on the cause of skin damage. Of course, all the goodies are high GI foods – sweets, cake, pasta and crisps etc. – but if you want to look young and beautiful you need to cut down on them. Instead snack on fruit and vegetables.


  • How a visit to Wimbledon UK will keep you young looking. Just a handful of strawberries every day are enough to help protect your skin. Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are just as good. They all contain anthocyanins – a substance that blocks enzymes keen on attacking collagen.


  • Two powerful vitamins – vitamins C and E are powerful weapons in the war against ageing, so flush your body wit them by taking 1000mg of vitamin C during the day (split the dose up) and 400IU of vitamin E (taken with meals). Make sure your vitamin E supplement contains tocotrienols and tocopherols.


  • Mineral water. You know what a plum looks like and a prune looks like, right? Well what would you rather your skin looked like? Dried fruit simply has all the water-removed form the fresh fruit, so the equation is easy to make – drink lots of water! Water rehydrates the skin cells and dilutes inflammatory chemicals lurking in your body. Avoid tap water and drink eight glasses of mineral water each day.


The Bottom Line:   You don’t need to fork out £50 for some useless cream in a fancy bottle – the most powerful way to fight wrinkles is through your stomach. Incorporate this eating plan into your diet, and your skin will look healthier and younger within the month!

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