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Health Benefits of Red Clover – Treatment for Prostate,Menopause,Cancer…

Health Benefits of Red Clover

Extracts from red clover have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Western folk medicines as a diuretic, cough expectorant (it helps clear mucus from the respiratory passages) and remedy for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. health benefits of red clover - Red Clover

But modern research has recently uncovered additional health benefits of red clover, including an ability to help overcome symptoms associated with the menopause and prostate problems. It could even help in the fight against cancer.

Here’s how it works…

Health Benefits of Red Clover – Uncovered:

Blocking oestrogen to help protect against cancer
Red clover contains plant chemicals called Isoflavones. These include Geneistein, Daidzein, Formononetin and Biochanin. Isoflavones are what are known as Phytooestrogens (plant derived substances that resemble human oestrogen in their make-up but which are weaker).

Isoflavones act as weak oestrogens, which mean they can bind to oestrogen receptors in the body. This blocks some of the detrimental effects of naturally – occurring oestrogen, which is far stronger and linked to cancer cell growth. In particular they have been found to lower the risk of breast, prostate and colon cancer.

health benefits of red clover - Cancer Cells

Geneisten is probably the most extensively studies Phytooestrogens. It boasts an impressive array of anti-cancer properties. It can revert breast and prostate cancer cells back to their pre-cancerous states and delay the growth of new blood vessels within tumours. This helps prevent them from spreading.

What the health benefits of Red Clover are:

Red clover works quickly to kill cancerous prostate cells
In terms of prostate cancer, Australian researchers have found that a supplement derived from red clover, called Trinovin, helps prevent prostate cells from advancing to cancerous stages.

This news is promising, as the disease is responsible for the deaths of over 10000 men each year in Britain. Although prostate cancer can strike at any age, it is most prevalent in men over the age of 50.

The study was carried out by researchers at Monash University in Victoria, Australia and involved 20 prostate cancer patients who received Trinovin and 18 patients who made up the control group and received no treatment. The former were given 160mg of Trinovin for between one to eight weeks, before undergoing prostate surgery.

Before and after treatment, researchers measured the patients’ serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels – excess levels can indicate prostate cancer; Gleason score (grade of cancer); serum testosterone; incidence of cancer cell death, and excreted isoflavone levels.

The researchers found that among those patients taking Trinovin, cancerous cells were killed off up to five times more frequently than was the case for the control group.

Trinovin was found to be particularly effective in fighting early-stage cancerous cells.

Eat a diet rich in Isoflavones
Numerous studies have suggested an important link between a diet rich in Isoflavones and the maintenance of good health, particularly in terms of good prostate health.

For example, the incidence of prostate cancer is far lower in Asian countries (where the typical diet is high in Isoflavone-rich foods like red clover, lentils, chickpeas and a range of beans) than it is in the West. Men is Asia consume approximately 20-50mg of Isoflavone-rich foods each day, which is a great deal more than the typical British diet that only provides around 1-2mg.

Studies have also revealed that red clover Isoflavones can help combat benign Prostatic hyperplasia – enlargement of the prostate gland. One three-month study clearly showed the clear health benefits of red clover in reducing prostate size, obstruction to the urinary passage and improved urinary flow by 10%.

Patients also reported improvements in their overall quality of life and no side effects were experienced.

The many health benefits of Red clover include relief for menopausal and post-menopausal women
Recent research findings have found that red clover Isoflavones’ weak oestrogen – like action can also helping the treatment of menopause symptoms. In January 2004 the North American Menopause Society recommended the use of red clover Isoflavones to help alleviate night sweats and hot flushes in menopausal women.

In Japan, where the dietary Isoflavone content is very high, menopause symptoms like hot flushes are rarely reported. Red clover has also been found to improve cardiovascular function in menopausal women.

The Bottom Line: Include more Isoflavone-rich foods in your diet to help ward off prostate cancer and menopausal symptoms. As this article has explained there are numerous health benefits of red clover that cannot be ignored.

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