The 1 Thing You Need To Overcome To Work From Home and Earn A Fortune …

Work From Home – Combat the Success Fatigue

I’d like to focus on something that’s vital if you want to strikeout and succeed on your own.

It’s something I call “success fatigue”, and it hits every single one of us several times a year.

You see, wanting to be your own boss is one thing, but making the right choices to ensure you succeed is another.

In fact, there’s one factor above all others that you MUST have to up your chances of success – and to keep on being successful.

So what is the No.1 factor?

Simple… It’s job satisfaction. If you don’t find something you love, success fatigue will creep in and slow you down. At best you’ll be mediocre. At worst you’ll go bust.

Being genuinely enthused and excited about the work you do five days a week, 48 weeks of the year is essential. In fact, you should love your project so much, you’d quite happily do it seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year.

Sounds easy right? After all, when you’re raking it in who wants to stop? But being your own boss isn’t all long lie-ins and laughs.

Earning lots of money might make you happy, but it’s NOT job satisfaction. The big money will only come once you are immersed in your work and are happy and motivated.

Here’s checklist to help you find the business that’s right for you. It won’t pinpoint a specific job, but should help you find out where your passion lies.

And once you discover that, you’ll know which business ideas will suit you, you’ll be prepared to put in more hours, and you’ll find yourself working from home moving up the rich-list faster.

How to stop trying business plans that don’t suit you

  • Find a pen and a stack of postcards or index cards (or at a push, torn up squares of paper). Clear your desk so that you can spread the cards out easily.


  • On a sheet of paper, write down everything you don’t like about your present job and/or career. Not earning enough money doesn’t count. If that is the only genuine gripe you have, analyse it further.

What’s stopping you from getting more money?

  • Now you can start addressing the problems. Using the cards, jot down an idea that tackles each problem. If you have more than one idea per problem, make sure you use a separate card. Don’t rule out ANYTHING  – no matter how stupid your idea might seem. Just write down whatever ideas pop into your head.


  • Finished? – Now start checking for duplications. Combine ideas that cover the same ground… e.g. “want a more creative job” and  “have no input with regards to new ideas” would be rolled into one.


  • Check through the cards and throw out anything that’s not strong enough. This is about YOU and YOUR HOME BUSINESS, so bad vending machines or “don’t like Mike” unfortunately have to be discarded.


  • Put ideas that can’t be completed within six months in the drawer – but don’t throw them away! This exercise is designed to overcome problems now, so you can get on the right track quickly.


  • Order your ideas. Put similar ideas into separate columns so you can see everything in front of you.


  • Now, give each column a title, using a blank card. Sum up what these similar ideas represent.


  • Arrange these columns in order of importance. Take some time over this. It’s no tan aptitude test.

There’s no right or wrong order. Really try and get a feel of what’s important to YOU.

  • Now arrange the ideas within each column in order of importance, with your strongest at the top of the pile.


  • Once you’ve done this, leave everything for at least an hour, even overnight. When you come back you will have a grid of what you need to focus on to start achieving your career or business goals. The most important – and the one you need to tackle first, will be in the top left hand corner.


Writing down things you need to change is quite an eye-opener. It will help you channel your energies to areas that are most important, and as a result will help you realise your strengths and weaknesses – vital if you want a satisfying and successful career as a multi millionaire entrepreneur.

Okay, that should get you focussed on what you REALLY want from your career.

Never think an idea is too mad…work from home - mad ideas

Now, you may have heard of this place already, but it’s new to me, and I love it, because it just goes to show that if you understand your market, you really can make a fortune from ANYTHING!

There’s a shop on New York’s Fifth Avenue that’s 43000 square feet in size, so you can imagine how much that costs in rent. If this business can afford that premises, it must be doing a roaring trade.

It’s called The American Girl Place and it’s entirely devoted to dolls. Books, clothing, accessories… you name it you can get it here.

But this shop shows how important it is to understand your market, because it offers things that are absolutely nuts.

This is a place where you can book your doll in for etiquette lessons, where there’s a doll hair salon, doll show in the in-house theatre… there’s even a “sick doll” hospital.

Birthday parties for you doll can be held in the doll café ($30 per person, dolls eat for fee – seriously!)

And, best of all, if you want to look like your doll, you can even buy matching outfits.

Only inAmerica.

Or maybe it would work in the UK too? Who knows?

The Bottom Line:   Apply the above checklist to home in on the type of job or business that would truly make you nappy. It’s almost got to be the sort of job you’d do for free. Figure out what work from home opportunity tickles your fancy and you stand a far greater chance of making working from home a success!

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Important Sugars in Nutrition – A MUST for optimal health

Important Sugars in Nutrition

Important Sugars in Nutrition - Essential Sugars from glyconutritionGlyconutrition is a revolutionary new medical science that studies the healing power of sugar. Some scientists believe it can reduce allergies, ease the symptoms of arthritis and diabetes, and improve the effectiveness of medicines in the fight against HIV and cancer.


But I’m not talking about healing the sick with a bag of Tate and Lyle. I’m talking about the 200 sugar compounds (saccharides) that occur naturally in plants, eight of which are the important sugars in nutrition value vital to your health.


Two you know already. Galactose is a milk sugar, while Glucose is the stuff you find in fruits and grains. Both fuel your body and brain.

But what of the other six?

Why your diet is missing its most important ingredient

If you go back a few thousand years, 90% of our diet was made up of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and legumes (things like peas and beans). These foods were packed with the six other essential sugar compounds.

But today we barely eat enough of them. Instead we eat refined sugars in the form of processed foods. We stir it into coffee, mix it with bread and make juice from it. This is disastrous, because we desperately need those six missing sugars to fight modern diseases.

Fight disease with the missing sugars

Glyconutrition is now considered to be a major breakthrough in understanding the immune system, and many other processes too. According to Emil Mondoa, M.D, these sugars or glyconutrients, “are like a Swiss army knife which the body can use for different tasks.”

Once taken into the body, sugars combine with proteins and fats to create special compounds (glycoproteins).

Glycoproteins are like symbols through which cells can talk to each other. When the body doesn’t have enough of these, it can’t communicate well with its own immune system.

Not only that, but the pathogens (the evil villains that cause cancer) can’t flag up their identity to your immune system. So these diseases hit that much harder.

But when glyconutrients flow into your body, your nerve sensors and receptors work together to combat disease. For example, they could help you fight depression, which the body is unable to manage internal stress.

Without glyconutrients, the stress builds up unchallenged. But when glyconutrients are present, these sugars get your body communicating. Your brain then alerts your body to the stress (a bit like someone shouting “It’s behind you!” during pantomimes).


A discovery bigger than penicillin!

Scientist also believe that glyconutrients help development of babies s=during pregnancy. These important sugars in nutrition help the body know when to stop main gone type of tissue, like liver, and begin making bone or kidney.

So could this be the answer to preventing many birth defects?

For cancer patients, glycoproteins can also lessen the toxic effects of radiation and chemotherapy, while boosting the body’s cancer-killing abilities. If claims like this turn out to be true, it could be bigger than the discovery of penicillin!


Where to find healing sugars

These essential Glyconutrients exist in most fruits, seeds and vegetables. So to give yourself a natural boost, try eating fresh fruit and veg – as raw as possible. Get hold of a juicer to enjoy concentrated shots of fresh nutrients, straight form the source.

Here is one of those ‘shy’ important sugars in nutrition that you should try and take:


  • Mannose is one of the eight essential sugars, reportedly good for your nerve cells. You can find it in cabbage, aubergine, broccoli and seeds.
  • Fructose, another glyconutrients, is active at the junctions between your nerve cell and can found in mushrooms and in seeds.
  • You can find another one, Xylose, in fruits, yeast rye and barley.


There are also some glyconutritional supplements on the market. But remember, this is a brand new science. There’s more research and testing to be done.

The Bottom Line: Glyconutrition could be the answer to many of modern society’s health problems. Try boosting your intake of fresh cabbage, aubergine, broccoli, mushrooms, fruit and seeds. Don’t confuse these important sugars in nutrition from the ones found in your donughts and coffee.


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More on Important Sugars in Nutrition..

Sugars and Carbohydrates – American Heart Association

Sugars in your diet can be naturally occurring or added. Naturally occurring sugars are found naturally in foods such as fruit (fructose) and milk (lactose). Added sugars are sugars and syrups put in foods during preparation or 

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How To Run A Home Based Business the right way!!

How To Run A Home Based Business For Yourself

home based business  -Work From Home Image

home based business

Here’s how you can avoid the pitfalls of a home-run business to help your new venture really take-off

So, you’ve come up with a great business idea, you’ve got enough backing to get started, you’ve bought PC, printer and executive leather swivel chair and you’re ready to make your first million from home….

But beware. Working from home holds many hidden perils and pitfalls that you might never have considered – and they’re all waiting to slow you down and make you fall.

  • Be prepared for hard work!  There, I’ve said it. Cruel I know, just when you were thinking it was all long lunches and entertaining clients. We only tend to think about the perks of being a boss, not the hared work that comes with the position. In reality, your boss probably works 12-hour days, takes work home, and has to run through the monthly accounts rather than play golf. And that’s the level of commitment you’ll need to get a home business off the ground. You can play golf all day long when you’ve made your first million!
  • Bossing your self is harder than you think!   Being your own boss is a dream position to be in, but there’s a real risk of letting things slip, because the stereotype can lead you astray. So, you’ll get up, see it’s a sunny day, and say to your cat ‘Take all my calls and move my appointments, I’m off down the pub.’ The bad thing about this is, there’ll be no one around to stop you. So think about your working habits now. Do you need a boss to constantly badger you to finish a job, or do you happily work until a job is done without any pressure? If you fall into the first category, you’ll have to change your ways. Try joining a business management course at your local college, and make sure the course includes time-management. Buying a book on the subject won’t be as effective.
  • Time shrinkage….   At home everything takes so much longer to get done than you would think, because there are so many distractions that you’re just not used to. Even the fact that there aren’t phones ringing every couple of minutes is weird, and the silence can be distracting. And if any family members are at home too, you can easily slip into a domestic routine during ‘office hours’ because that’s what you’re used to when you’re at home. So when you’re scheduling your tasks, be realistic. What took an hour in the office could take one and a half hours at home, until you get used to your new routine.
  • Money is only the second most important motivation!   Working for yourself can be a great thrill at first, but as the weeks and months pass, that feeling could fade if you’re only doing it for the money.  Even if it’s working, and you’re making decent cash, you soon get used to your new level of income, so that alone is not the best of motivations. Remember, you’re going to have to work long hours to get your business off the ground, may be for a pittance in the first few weeks. So to see you through those thankless first steps, you need to be working on something you LOVE! You need to enjoy the work to stand the best chance of success – because then it’s easier to keep going when things get frustrating.
  • Don’t skimp on the essentials – buy a good quality computer, printer, scanner and fax machine. Even if you’re running your home business out of a shed shared with the dog, you must make sure any correspondence with clients and/or suppliers is band on time and well presented. Also invest in a separate business line for all calls – the worst thing in the world is creating a glossy, professional impression then having your kid pick up the phone and burping in a client’s ear.
  • Create the illusion of success – when you work for an established company at big offices it’s easy to show people how successful (and therefore trustworthy you are and what a great service you provide), but it’s a bit harder when you work form home. So create an illusion of good-standing and impeccable credentials by investing in good quality stationery and getting professional to design the letterhead.

The bottom line: How To Run A Home Based Business is a thrilling endeavour that’s satisfying and (with alot of hard work) profitable. But there are probably things you take for granted at an established office that could let you down when you shift to a home business. Follow the above guide, and make sure you give your home business the best possible chance of success!


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